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Welcome to Maderas Nobles de la Sierra de Segura

Maderas Nobles de la Sierra de Segura is an agro-forestry company specializing in native tree plantation management with the aims of forest restoration and the ecological production of high-value timber. Our plantations, available for visits at your request, are located in Spain. The trees are owned by customers from countries across Europe.

By purchasing our trees, planted on estates property of the company and grown according to ecological and sustainable forestry management techniques, our customers (corporate and individuals) become part of the “responsARBOLidad: + trees for a better climate” campaign. The aim of this campaign is to offsets CO2 emissions by planting trees, in order to help reduce the impact of climate change, increase biodiversity, and enable companies, institutions and individuals to take their own environmental responsibility. Customers can also receive a significant capital gain from the sale of timber produced by our hard wood trees.


Maderas Nobles de la Sierra de Segura, S.A. is an ecological forestry company that operates in the sustainable production of high-value timber, offsetting pollutant emissions through CO2 absorption, and creating a green barrier against desertisation and climate change in the Iberian peninsula.

Maderas Nobles was awarded the 2006 Regional Prize for Sustainable Development in Castilla-La Mancha in the category of Sustainable Environmental Management. Certified by Sohiscert as an ecological agriculture organisation (DIR-OP-03-268-02-CM1667F-1), it has also been recognised for its quality with European Standard UNE-EN 45011. Moreover, the company is under appraisal by the Smart Wood Program certification agency for obtaining the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate, which guarantees sustainable forest management.

As well as its +Trees Foundation, Maderas Nobles has launched the campaign “100 million trees in the Iberian peninsula” and collaborates with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in the global Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign.



Maderas Nobles nurtures and sells lots of timber trees (walnut, chestnut and other species) on preconditioned estates in Alcaraz (Albacete) and Vincios (Pontevedra). At the end of the productive cycle, the company carries out the felling, uprooting and sale of the timber on behalf of its customers, for which it retains 10% of the sale price. The customer may also sell-on his/her lots before the end of the cycle. Every lot of trees purchased is covered with the safety measures and guarantees required by law. The Walnut Lot, Biodiversity Lot and Chestnut Lot are products that carry significant economic, ecological and social benefits. The full text of the agreements can be found at

Walnut Lot

  • 10 walnut trees • €3,690 euros (including taxes)
  • Location: Maderas Nobles estates in Alcaraz (Albacete)
  • Productive cycle: 20 years

Biodiversity Lot

  • 3 rowan + 3 cherry + 4 linden trees • €3,304 euros (including taxes)
  • Location: Maderas Nobles estates in Alcaraz (Albacete)
  • Productive cycle: 22 years

Chestnut Lot

  • 5 chestnuts + 2 trees of another species • €1,700 (including taxes)
  • Location: Estates owned by the Local Mountain Community in Mano Común de Vincios in the Galiñeiro mountain region of Vincios (Pontevedra).
  • Productive cycle: 25 years
The plantation was opened on 26th March 2007 thanks to an agreement between Maderas Nobles, the Universidad de Vigo and the Vincios Mountain Community to replace a eucalyptus monoculture with a diversified and sustainable plantation of leafy deciduous trees.